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McGuigan BLACK LABEL RED 2016Full, rich & very fruity with spicy hints. This red wine has no hardness or tannins, just luscious rich fruit. This is the original blend - mainly Shiraz but with some Merlot and Cabernet. Preferred by many customers to the more direct style of the Shiraz but there is not a lot of difference between the two.

 Colour: Red                    Shiraz, Merlot and Cabernet


Beef, barbeques, cheese, roasted vegetables

Our expert Stuart says "This popular wine is really easy to drink and is one our best sellers. It is really fruity and has no tannins"

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Customer reviews
Only red that meets my my taste as you can see 5 Star.
Barbara B.
We tried this wine in a restaurant many years ago and wanting to purchase some for our home use we found York wines.
Not being a great red wine drinker this suited our taste, it is light and very drinkable. It goes well with, pasta, red meats and cheeses too.
Beverley L.
Great wine and great service.
Emma G.
First class wine 110% service as always
Barbara B.
The best McGuigan red wine available that's not sold in a supermarket.
Andy R.
An enjoyable wine at a reasonable price.
Brian G.
A wonderful wine. I bulk purchase every couple of months it is that good.
Thomas P.
A very nice wine which is just slightly more smooth than the Sharaz.
Derek S.
Consistent quaffing red, very smooth with virtually no tannins. Perhaps a bit sweet, but very moreish.
Arfon J.
Wine fit for any occasion,fruity smooth and more ish.
Barbara B.